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Nashville SEAL: Jameson #live tomorrow w/release party!

Nashville SEAL: Jameson is LIVE tomorrow, Aug 1! 
As a bonus for only a few days, Sharon Hamilton will include the novella Nashville SEAL, the beginning of Jameson's & Lizzie's story! 

What a treat you will get 2 books for the price of 1, but remember for limited time only! 

Order your copy today! 

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Don't forget to check it out EskieMama Reads Midweek Spotlight Wed Aug 3rd we will be featuring Nashville SEAL: Jameson

Sharon will be hosting a release party tomorrow Aug 1st!!  Join in the fun always has some awesome prizes! When you join let Sharon know that EskieMama Reads invited you! Never know I may select one lucky invitee, with a copy of Nashville SEAL: Jameson after the party. 
Hop over & join YOU may be the l…

Promo Tour: Cowboy Player by Mia Hopkins

Cowboy Player (Cowboy Cocktail #3) by Mia Hopkins Date of Publication: June 28, 2016 Blurb
This cowboy and cowgirl sell the steak and the sizzle.

Cowboy Cocktail, Book 3

For eight years, Melody Santos played the game of love and lost—big time. Now she's back in her tiny hometown looking after her younger sister, making ends meet with an assortment of odd jobs. When her childhood best friend hires her to help him sell his family's grass-fed beef, the last thing she anticipates is falling in lust with the legendary, brown-eyed player.

To put his family's cattle ranch back in the black, Clark MacKinnon has his sights set on big contracts—gourmet chefs and restaurateurs. If that means long hours traveling from farmer's market to farmer's market, Clark doesn't mind. Particularly since his new assistant is his childhood crush, all grown up and sexy as hell.

One night in bed leaves them breathless and hungry for more. But when his love-'em-and-leave-'em reputatio…

Promo Tour: Beg For It by Megan Hart

Beg For It by Megan Hart Date of Publication: June 14, 2016 Blurb
He's gonna have to beg for it…

Corinne was young once. She did everything—girls, boys, drugs, toys—and did it in high funky fashion. Reese wasn't her first lover, but he was the first to submit to her. For a while they had something special, but it ended badly.

She's a little older now. And the wealthy businessman who just bought the company she works for bears little resemblance to that boy. He's commanding, domineering, and seems hell-bent on pushing her past her limits.

In a flash of anger, she falls back into their old pattern—and Reese falls right in with her. Before she knows it, she's testing him. Then tasting him. But she can't afford to get involved again. Her life is complicated enough without throwing in a slew of kink.

Now if only Reese would stop making her feel like the goddess she used to be…and showing her who's been the boss all along. Then…and now.

Warning: Contains thousand-doll…

EskieMama Reads Review: Up All Night by Michele Callahan

Up All Night by Michele Callahan

Once upon a time Mitchell Walker fell in love...and trusted the wrong woman. That one mistake nearly cost him his future. His older brother, Derek, stepped in to take the fall. Mitchell has never forgiven himself for that day, and vowed to never trust another woman. 

Now he is a young, successful surgeon. Women throw themselves at his feet, and he gives them what they want, as long as they don't ask for his heart. The strategy is working well for him until he meets freelance reporter Jessica Finley. 

She's smart, she makes him laugh, and she sees right through his playboy persona. When Mitchell finds out she has links to the past he's tried so hard to forget, his life implodes, and Jessica is at the center of the detonation. 

Jessica's fire may burn hot enough to keep him up all night, but will her love be strong enough to burn away the ghosts of his past and melt the ice around his heart?

Review:                                5 Stars